Our professional installers put up the shutters on your French doors – and double check that the louvers will open, allowing for a beautiful view and easier cleaning. This allows you control over privacy and the level of light – without forgoing charm.

The Signature Custom Shutters Difference

Unlike composite wood or multi-density fiberboard (MDF) shutters, our Signature Custom shutters are crafted from actual wood. Signature Custom shutters are made to endure thanks to being hand-made from solid material like American poplar wood and basswood.

With all the shutter parts made from solid wood, then kiln-dried and water-sealed for moisture control, Signature Custom shutters is the only five-star wood shutter you can find on the market.

Our design specialists custom manufacture and install Signature Custom shutters in Ontario to fit your windows perfectly.

Our Services

Shutter Installation

Our professional installers custom make arch shutters to perfectly fit your home’s exquisite arched windows.

Shutter Repaint

Custom plantation shutters in Ontario give you energy efficiency and temperature control.

Shutter Repair

An excellent choice for ground floor windows tends to be café style shutters.

Shutter Estimate

Our professional installers custom make arch shutters to perfectly fit your home’s exquisite arched windows.

Outdoor Shutter

Custom plantation shutters in Ontario give you energy efficiency and temperature control.

Blinds Installation

Find with us a professional to measure and install blinds in a few quick steps and best-in-class prices

Sheer Horizontal Roller Shades

Sheer Horizontal shades are designed to give you maximum control over your view and lighting options. They are perfect and practical window treatment to control the light while giving you an amazing view.

There are many types of sheer shades available and you can choose the one you want for your home. From manual roller shades to motorized and other window treatments, we can help you find the right ideas for your home at great prices.

Roller Shades and Solar Shades

Roller shades and solar shades are the most popular window treatments in the market because of their simplistic and modern design. It consists of a single piece of fabric that would roll off of a tube as you raise and lower the blinds. A classic roller shade and solar shade filter natural light, and provide UV protection to reduce glare, heat, and harmful UV rays entering the room. Each roller shade and solar shade product boasts a wide selection of fabrics that have different capabilities in terms of light control, reducing glare, UV protection, and energy efficiency. Designer roller shades are sleek and can be easily incorporated with any furniture or interior theme as colours selection for these window coverings are extensive. Roller blinds and solar roller shades are energy efficient blinds that are perfect for large windows, sliding doors for example, that invite more light and UV rays into the room.

Faux Wood Blinds

Want the look of artistic wood in your decor with the durability and easy maintenance of aluminum blinds? We offer you best deals on an incredible selection of custom faux wood blinds from leading brands These wood-like blinds have come a long way from composite wood material to a newer synthetic PVC/vinyl material, making them highly durable, affordable, and wrap and crack resistant

Cellular Shades/ Honeycomb Shades

Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, are the best option as window treatments when needing to keep outdoor temperatures at bay. The cell-like patterns on their profile helps prevent air movement through your windows, to help keep the heat out during the summer and the cold draft during the winter- which as a result, helps keep energy bills at a minimum and promote energy efficiency.

Smart Motorized Shades

We pay close attention when we collaborate with our customers so that we can identify their vision and help them achieve it. Toward that end, we offer motorized roller blinds, window shades, and solar shades in diverse styles, opacity, weaves, and materials. Whether you are considering motorized shades for window-walls, bedroom windows, arbors, or skylights; no project is too big or small. At the end of the day, we are determined to meet or beat both our own standards, and our customer’s expectations.

Natural Shades

If you want to bring the vibrant look of nature inside your house, then you should look at the Natural Shades collection from Graber and Crown.

These eco-friendly window treatments are made from natural elements like bamboo, jute, grass and wood that bring a fresh look to the home. Natural Shades are some of the best shades that can help filter the natural light into to your home.


Arched Window

Our professional installers custom make arch shutters to perfectly fit your home’s exquisite arched windows. Whether the windows in your home are half-moon-shaped or a quarter circle, we measure them precisely and – with the help of cutting-edge computer software and 25+ years of experience – manufacture stunningly arched plantation shutters that are beautiful and, at the same time, functional.

Shutters on French Doors

French doors are one of the most elegant glass doors a residence in Ontario can include. But they’re sometimes difficult to use with traditional window treatments. That’s why our customers adore our French doors.
Custom plantation shutters in Ontario give you energy efficiency and temperature control. They come in an array of custom paints and stains to match your style. Whether you want a painted shutter or a dark wood one, we can custom-craft the louvers to the shape of your French doors.

Cafe Style Shutters

While the versatility of plantation shutters makes them suitable for any window, there are separate optional styles to further suit any window you choose. An excellent choice for ground floor windows tends to be café style shutters. These shutters are typically half the height of the window and allow for privacy with the addition of unobstructed light from the upper half of the window.

Save Energy And Money With Energy
Efficient Window Treatments

Windows are one of the biggest reasons for energy loss in your home. Using the right window treatment can save you energy and money.

We offer the highest quality energy saving window treatments in Ontario. Our Real wood® Shutter Insulating System has excellent thermal resistance, the best reduction of heat transfer, and offers the most energy efficiency of all the window treatments on the market. Signature Custom Shutters are your ideal choice for maximum savings on your energy bills.

We take care to craft every part of our wood Shutters, keeping energy efficiency in mind to give you the most energy savings. The unique solid polymer material wood is manufactured from can block airflow because of its thickness. This transforms these shutters into a natural insulator. You can block more temperature and light than any other shutter by sealing shut the weather-stripping pieces on the sides of the shutter. This effectively limits heat transfer around the panels in both the heat of summer and the cold of winter in Ontario. Top that off with a heat-reflective paint, and you get a shutter that is not only beautiful but also remarkably energy efficient. In fact, wood shutters insulate up to 70% better than a comparable wood shutter.

how wood gives you more energy savings than any other shutter

  • Blocks Air Flow
    wood’s thermal protection blocks up to 30 degrees of airflow that comes through a window.
  • Maximizes R-Value
    wood has an R-Value of over 6 in a double-pane window. That’s the highest thermal resistance rating of insulation material of any shutter in the industry.
  • Reduces Heat Transfer
    Wood offers a 45.96% reduction in heat transfer.
  • Boosts Energy Efficiency
    Wood is up to 70% more energy efficient than wood shutters and up to 1600% more energy efficient than aluminum blinds.
  • Resists Moisture and Humidity
    Since wood is moisture-proof, it resists humidity and moisture that can impact a room’s temperature.
  • The wood Shutter Insulating System incorporates all of these energy-efficient features to save you actual dollars on your energy bills. No other shutter looks as beautiful, is as durable, or saves you as much money as our wood shutters.